Empowering teams to change the world

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Appreciateam empowers you to change the world. Measure your Carbon Footprint, manage your volunteering, engage with your Pro Bono work, and log your donations you make every day, week, month or year.

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We help simplify changing the world.

Appreciateam empowers teams to change the world through connecting volunteering, Pro Bono, Donations, and carbon footprint data management on one platform. One platform to rule them all.

Scalable for any size team, anywhere in the world.

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Consumers Willing To Pay more for Products With Social Impact


Consumers are Swayed To Companies with a Focus On the Environment


Millenials Willing to Pay More For Sustainable Offerings


Appreciate Believes You Can Change The world.

Empowering teams to change the world.

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Empowering teams to change to change the world.

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